In Search of the Changemakers

In Search of the Changemakers
Dopper Foundation
Executive producer:
Silver Lining

Within its rugged mountain peaks, Nepal harbours the second largest freshwater resource in the world. This makes it even more startling to consider that particularly in this country more than half of the population does not have access to safe drinking water.

Glacier water flows down from great heights, but it does not reach all the Nepalese people and, to make matters worse, is polluted by waste being dumped in it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of issues resulting from a lack of infrastructure. This makes Nepal seem like a nightmare, but quite the opposite is true. It is the land of unlimited dreams – because local people turn problems into opportunities. That’s why I traveled to Nepal looking for the source of the problem and possible solutions. What I found, were the Changemakers: young Nepalese people who see opportunities in the problems of their country. My film is about them.

Merijn Everaarts
Founder Dopper
“Working together with Sander is always a great experience and where 
Since 2009 we have been enjoying his great eye for the perfect shot and the way how to tell a story and get the right story out of the people. 
Sander helped us to visualise our mission around the world with several short movies and documentary’s in the Nepal, Mexico, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the USA.”

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