WakaWaka Rwanda
Silver Lining

WakaWaka is a social enterprise, a B Corporation, that is supplying solar power products to people that go outdoor but also to people that are living off-grid that don’t have access to electricity whether it is permanent or temporarily. In the east of Africa lies Rwanda, country of a Thousand Hills. The land is green and fertile but faces many challenges as a large portion of its people still live in poverty. Access to electricity is one of the major obstacles. Isolated rural villages are often dealing with power cuts or are not on the electrical grid at all. We visited the beautiful country and looked for the change WakaWaka makes.


Maurits Groen
Founder WakaWaka
“A passionately dedicated professional with a keen eye for beauty as well as content. Someone who ‘eats’ the subject of any theme that really matters and that’s worthwhile his precious attention.
Sander van Weert is a powerhouse director of film and cameraman at the same time. A brand of his own. You’ll be privileged to cooperate with him, enjoying to see skill and soul working perfectly together.”

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