An Ocean Story
Mexico 2018

An Ocean Story - Mexico 2018

This documentary is about the threats our oceans are currently facing, with a particular focus on the Mexican coastal waters. Due to the increasing plastic soup, climate change and overfertilization, the lives in our waters are changing worldwide.

This has really put a lot of pressure on the biodiversity and coral. In some areas the coral has already died out for 50%, while these same corals indirectly should provide us with more than 50% of our oxygen. This has major consequences for the sea life, but the coast areas and its inhabitants are not immune to these changes either. A combined story of the main themes of the World Ocean Summit 2018, told by some key-note speakers and the local situation of the Mexican waters, told by local heroes who have devoted their lives to conservation, brings this story close to home. With the Dutch NGO ‘By the Ocean we Unite’ I captures the most beautiful stories. The documentary will be finished in the upcoming months.

The World Ocean Summit 2018 was all about inspiration and collaboration. Beautiful to see how actively we all put effort in saving our oceans. We need to protect our oceans, therefore we all need to reduce our use of plastics in our daily lives. Each small step in reducing plastic pollution is important for our oceans and our own health! My first movie is about them.

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