An Ocean Story

Live @ Videoland […]

In Search of the Changemakers

Within its rugged mountain peaks, Nepal harbours the second largest freshwater resource in the world. This makes it even more startling to consider[…]


WakaWaka is a social enterprise, a B Corporation, that is supplying solar power products to people that go outdoor but also to people that are living[…]


UNICEF fights for the rights of every child, every day, across the globe.  […]

The Liliane Foundation
The Philippines

A documentary commissioned by Cottaar TV productions for the humanitarian NGO Liliane Fonds. Together with famous Dutch actor Ruud Veldkamp we visit[…]

Pastor Moses

'Pastor Moses' is a documentary about the Ghanaian Pastor Moses who has made change to the lives of many people. Together with his Dutch wife, he has[…]

KIOCH Children’s Hospital

Over 40% of Nepal’s population is under the age of 18. Within a population of 30 million, 12 million are children. High-quality pediatric care to[…]

Habitat for Humanity

There is still 2.8 Million Cambodians, who live in extreme poverty and simply cannot afford to repay micro loans. There is no social assistance system[…]

By the Ocean we Unite
Channel Islands

By the Ocean we Unite focuses on cleaner oceans and seeks solutions for the plastic soup. […]

Teylers Museum

Teylers Museum is the best-preserved 18th-century public knowledge institution for the arts and sciences in the world. It has been open to the public[…]

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